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Hello. My name is Julie. I live in Wrightsville Beach. Sometimes the only think that can fix me is sunshine and sand. I'm married to the sweetest, handsomest man a girl could ask for. We made a pact to make it to our 50th wedding anniversary. I can't wait to hold his wrinkled old hand when he's 77 and I'm 74. We'll remember all the good and bad times we've had and see how much we have grown together. I seriously have the best friends a girl could ask for. I consider myself extremely lucky to have always been surrounded by honest, positive people that respect and support me in everything I do. I have way too many magazine subscriptions. I could educate a small village on the upcoming fall trends and how to get rid of a zit in one day while locating the best places to shop in Chicago. I hate when it is cold and there is no snow. If God insists on making the temperature below freezing, I feel that we are at least owed a few snowflakes. I don't think that there is any ailment that a phone call to a good friend and a cup of soup can't cure. I like to read (a lot) when I have the time. Lately a lot of my time has been spent reading books less for personal enjoyment and more for my graduate school curriculum.

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