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well where do i begin. first of all my name is kalli. of course. im a cheerleader get used to it its my life. my eyes areblue and the hair is blonde. yes im the type of person who runs into chairs and walls and says sorryy. and i trip over alot of things. my color is green better not steal it . okay. so im a little slow give me a minute and ill most likely catch on. TAKEN! i never really get that mad at people so if your lookin for a friend who is here to stay im always here kid. love to ride fourwheelers-catch a ride and hang on. georgia dawgs rock my crazy socks. from the south side. christian!! drink sweet tea its the freakin best baby. text addict. dont have the digits your stoopid. get em dork. my birfday is in julyy!! gona be 12 years young. get to know me that would be great. you will never forget the name! two fingers up and im out! ;].

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