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I grew up in Manassas but have migrated to Richmond (and LOVE it!). I loooove Sweet Tea. I am all about driving down the road blasting my music of choice and car dancing! I am a homebody. I love throwing dinner parties! I am a very passionate person. If I like something, I love it. I love Cherries!!! I LOVE Martha Stewart, and I adore my Real Simple Magazine. I own and run an Event Design Business called Blissfully Simple Events. I'm a Work at Home Mom whose also a full time college student! (yeah... I'm busy!) I am all about my friends, and making strangers smile. I tend to be on the cheerful side, sharp tongued, witty, and out to make you you'll either love me or hate me. Sorry. . but I'm honest!! * Cervical Cancer's got nothing on me!! Four years free and going strong!

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