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I'm a photographer, a filmmaker, and a designer. I used to live in New York and took in all the madness for 10 years - then I moved back to France, just a few months ago, to live with my wonderful boyfriend in the SouthEast - I'm crazy about him, he's the rarest, most unique, and maddening person I have ever met. I have a great family of kooky people, a father who invents things and throws our inheritance out the window, a mom who cooks better than yours ;) and tries to save people whose bosses take advantage, and a little brother who is a genius and who finds it cooler to play the Organ (!) than to know who Britney is. My cat is mercurial and loves to shed his white hair all over my black sweaters - even though black isn't a color of choice for me - there are too many others to choose from!

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