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I'm a Sophomore/Junior at Michigan Tech, majoring in Communication & Culture Studies with a concentration in Communication Media and a minor in International German. It's a mouthful, but it basically means I want to study how people communicate and do graphic design and minor in German. I have about 2.5 years left to finish school, which isn't bad since I took 18 months off to work. I am in love with a wonderful man! We live together with four of our friends and have a dog, Logan, and a guinea pig, Lily. Our pets are both pretty awesome and we enjoy spending time with them and spoiling them with treats and attention. When we aren't, you can find us chilling around the house or hiking up in the Keweenaw or around Baraga with Logan. Currently, I work at Maurices and love it (I just wish I had more hours to spend there!) If I'm not at work you can probably find me around the house studying, doing homework, knitting, crocheting, playing my cello, or hanging out with Jake and/or the pets. I am a Coke addict (the soda, not the drug - though some might say the soda *is* a drug) and refuse to drink Pepsi if I can help it. Sierra Mist is okay, though.

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