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Grew up in NW NJ, spent a few years in the Lehigh Valley, moved to Oklahoma in 2004. I consider myself liberal, but I do have some conservative leanings. I work at a really busy bakery in OKC, and it's a great challenge, especially during the holiday season. I'm married to a bass guitar punk rock god, whom plays for The Costanzas (myspace) . I miss my family up in NJ, hope to see them next year. I love the Yankees, miss Yuengling Lager, and snow. We don't watch tv, my husband and I like to view everything on the net. We have an unusual lifestyle. My stepson's mom and I are awesome friends, and we are very supportive of eachother. I get a kick out of getting older, enjoying life more and more as I get older. I think that I'm very optimistic, and I'd rather cheer someone up then put them down. View my pics, or add me as a friend. ~Becky