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i'm 21. i live on the upper east side of manhattan. i go to a small liberal arts college in upstate new york, but i plan to transfer to Columbia or NYU. i love modern art. i love museums. i love the yankees. i love kissing. i love kissing in the rain. i adore fashion. i plan to have a carreer in it when i'm older. yes, my profile picture is real, i am sitting to the right of nicky hilton. her brother barron is to the right of me. i went to a boarding school in massachusetts. i love living in new york city, i could never live anywhere that is not a metropolitain area. i have facebook. im addicted to it. i love to shop. i love to put together outfits that are trendy and i love all designers, my favorite is Marc Jacobs. I am very friendly and outgoing, if you like what you're reading here, feel free to friend me and i'm sure we can find something in common. i adore my friends, i'm not sure where i would be without them. they make my life complete. as long as i'm having fun, i'll be okay.

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