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Here's me from A to Z. A nut for a jar of tuna = That's palindrome! (Look it up). Also, Demetri Martin has a spiffy palindrome poem on his site. Bob = From La Bamba! *heart* Courty = Aww, my luffer. Dreams = Make for good story-telling. Envy = I like the color green. I also have an inferiority complex. Fishy = My doggy! Gilmore Girls = I wanna marry that show! That is, if Home Depot doesn't accept my proposal. Hey Dude = "Old School" Nickelodeon y'all. I Love Lucy = My cat's name is Lucy, it came from the movie I Am Sam, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Justin Timberlake = I like boy "bands". Kiefer = There's just something about him. Legos = I was deprived of Legos as a child. Mortal Kombat = Anyone have a SuperNintendo and this game? Can I come over? Nostalgia = My disorder? I'm a "nostalgiamaniac," making up new medical terms here. Obsession = I'm obsessive about music I like...and maybe some other things. Pancakes = I was fed pancakes DAILY from kinder to first grade. I hate pancakes. Queen = *dun dun dun* Another one bites the dust! Repellent = I wear people repellent. Steve-O = Proof that clowns are scary...and only "funny" when hurt. Turtles = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, heroes in a half-shell! Turtle power! UFO = Roswell. Voices = I've got a thing for voices. Wrestling = Kane is hotness, yes, even unmasked and no hair on his head. Xylophone = A word to fill my "X" space! Yes = No. Z = The end.

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