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Hey everyone, I am an eighteen year old college student trying to figure out what I want to do in life. I'm single, and that is more than okay with me. My friends love life drama fills me up more than enough ! I'm an excellent listener when I am in the right mood. I am very non-judgemental, I tend to see both sides to every situation which is a blessing and a curse in the same. Sometimes I talk too much, and I laugh at my own jokes a little too hard. I don't always get my needs taken care of because I spend too much time helping other people with theirs. I hate feet, especially ugly feet. I really want to start volunterring. Sex and the city is an amazing show, and I admire those woman. A lot of people give me slack for that because they believe those women are nothing but materialistic sluts. They might love their sex and designer brands, but those woman are also sucessful, confident women who have managed to find three other people who they can count on for anything and those women know they have the same support- and that is something to admire! Not only that, but it opens up peoples minds to looking at others in a new way, that show is about so much more than just sex and New York, and I recommened everyone watching at least one episode, it might not be for everyone, but I must say I have turned MANY people onto it- including several heterosexual males! Ok :) I'm done rambling loves.

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