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Joined 10 years ago product junkie...eyeshadow addict... I love fashion (would have loved to design if it weren't for that can't draw worth $h!# aspect) and shoes (a girl can never have enough boots, pumps, strappy sandals etc). I like to joke around and rarely take myself seriously, but can be very professional when need be (try to keep that need to a minimum though)... diplomat by nature... love all things beautiful... closet computer geek and love all sorts of techie gadgets... neurotic and easily annoyed by incorrect spelling and improper grammar... shopping is therapy, particularly when it's a new and coveted beauty product that i've been dying to try...and there's always something i'm dying to try... won't pass up on clothes and shoes either... I'm pretty into making me be the best me I can be (some may mistake as vain, really it's just the curse of being a perfectionist). I love deeply and would do anything for those I love...I love to be taken care of, but also to take care missing my honey and hate the distance that currently separates us... And that in a nutshell with my all eccentricities and oddities is me...

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