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Elizabeth Geerling

Joined 10 years ago

I'm a spaz. I'm a good girl for the most part, but anyone that has seen me near a bottle of tequila has probably seen the horns out. It's been rumored that I dance on tables to "Girls, Girls, Girls", but so far no one has been able to prove it! ;) The rest of the time I'm like any other fool my age working anywhere near entertainment...just trying to live to fight another day (or planning a new career). Enjoying the downtime as it comes. I think I'm a good person and very loyal to those I consider my friends. If I let you in, you're golden. Hurt me however, and you're out. No questions asked, no do-overs. I don't deserve that, and I won't put up with it. I'm not a "hottie" but I get by with what I've least I'm stacked. I'm probably also a nerd but I revel in're getting me for me. I'd hang out with me. I'm a big fan of the goofballs of the world, because laughing makes everything better. "No regrets, that's my motto...that and everybody wang- chung tonight" And if you know what movie that's from you get 10 bonus points. Turn Ons: Puppies hugging unicorns flying over rainbows, men that actually look like men, 5:00, and leaving town. I appreciate a good smart ass. Turn Offs: The aforementioned velour, Tony Danza, Spiders. If I ever ran into Tony Danza wearing a velour tracksuit while throwing spiders it would be all over for me. Idiots, jackasses and people that call repeatedly and don't leave messages. And Michael McDonald...ENUNCIATE! GAH!

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