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I love spending time with my family and my boyfriend The latter of which spends far too much time away at school if you ask me..but I'm getting over it I love to cook...I'm just finishing up culinary school and am about to start my externship next week I severely wish I was artistic. Or that I could dance...but I'm terrible at both so I've given up hope on that Red tulips are my favorite I have little patience for people in a customer service setting...which is why I intend to spend the rest of my working days behind closed doors in a kitchen. Aside from not liking them as customers, I try to be understanding and people-oriented...sometimes it's hard for me though I do love Connecticut, but this winter weather is growing very old very quickly. I love day trips to New York City...Never for anything in particular..mostly to wander I finished the entire first season of Desperate Housewives in a week...I was kind of bored.... I have a three year old brother whom I adore and I couldn't live without I'm pretty new to this friendly thing, but I'm if you want to know more, just ask!

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