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My father is from Africa, my mother from the poorest reservation in North America, where the average life-span of an adult male is 43 years old. I was born in Egypt, lived on my mother's reservation in South Dakota, Zambia, France, England, Hawaii and Uganda throughout my lifetime, and am now a PhD student at Yale, specializing in African colonial history, the education of African Americans, and Indigenous political history. I have several articles published in various journals, most notably the Journal of African American History, the Journal of African Studies, the Journal of Palestine Studies, and the American History Journal. I've been writing my first book for the past two years, which has taken me on a Kozol-like journey through American inner-cities, and an Nkrumah-like journey through North and East Africa. My status as a half-black African and half-Native American woman is very important to me, but it would never have been if I was not raised in such an international environment, with a privileged understanding of how Eurocentrism has continuously affected the way in which Americans understand race, class, and gender problems. I realize I'll never really be able to change this overwhelming misinformation, which is perpetuated in grade-level schools and universities on a daily basis, but it can never hurt to try. Feel free to ask me any questions you desire - I'm a teacher by trade, soon to be a professor, and I will never turn down the opportunity to respectfully address concerns of those who have never had the opportunity to ask questions because they're afraid to.

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