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I am OBSESSED with the 50’s housewife. I can waste a full Saturday switching back and forth between HGTV and the Food Channel. I love cupcakes and the color pink. My collection of vintage cookbooks, housekeeping manuals and retro self-help books borders on the insane. I’m a sucker for cute. Currently, I am on the quest for the perfect cupcake. If I could have the pantry of Nigella Lawson I would be gleefully happy. I live in a tiny apartment with my lovely boyfriend who happily acts as my taste-tester and all round tryer-outer. I have more baskets than I do items to put in them and am in love with my brand new sewing machine. I love pinups and video games. I spend hours refreshing Pop Sugar waiting for the latest gossip. One day I'll be a burlesque star and lunch with Dita von Teese.

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