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It doesn't take much to entertain me - I can have just as much fun being goofy with my friends or going out. I'm kinda quiet until I get to know people, and then you can't shut me up! lol I'm a people watcher. Sometimes my friends will ask me if I'm okay or if I'm having fun because I get quiet, but it's just because I'm observing what's going on around me. *shrugs* I daydream a lot about everything. I love music that makes me feel like I'm in a movie. I don't like for foods from different food groups to touch. I collect things with butterflies on them. I'm clumsy. My bedroom is always messy. I take really hot showers all year round. I'm a major nightowl. I have the weirdest memory - I can remember people's names that I didn't even really know, lots of random facts, and a lot from my childhood, but I forget a lot of important things. I have a major sweet tooth. I'm a walking contradiction. Oh, and I have an almost unhealthy addiction to magazines. Really, I buy so many it's ridiculous.

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