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Hi guys, we are MO-AM, thats the name of the company but we are Loan (that me doing my lipstick) and my partner in crime Peeks (thats her checking her BBM) welcome to our world. We are based in London, England and are part of collective of girls and boys (the boys can be a bit of a headache they are BJ, Emya and Drae) that work together in the creative industry. We have created this blog in advanced to connect with our other blog ( which will be launching in the summer towards ambitious career driven, girls who want read and watch informative and entertainment lifetstyle videos,documentaries and reality TV. So you could call us now professional bloggers but we dont know really what that means lol ,so lets juts say we love to chat and surf the internet foir the latest cool people and styles to share our stories with. So please follow us for up to date info and posts of what we are up to and how we are developing , speak soon mwah MO-AM, More Of You visit our blog:

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