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Hey! My name's Laura. I'm 20 years old. I am quite obsessed with Popsugar and Bellasugar. Quite new to this whole Teamsugar thing but trying to procrastinate from doing any homework. I live in Sunny Australia - Melbourne to be specific. I am at uni studying to be a Primary Teacher. My favourite things are; my friends and family, music, dancing, shoes, shopping, clothes, skincare, perfumes, listening to music and playing tennis. I love reading especially thrillers to fill in some time on the train on the way to uni. I am kind of obsessed with anything French - my dream is to travel there, maybe live there one day. I am part Scottish. I adore my two dogs; Lenny and Ronnie. It's so hard to know what to write in these things but if there's something specific you want to know, ask!

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