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About me? Hmmmm... This is so hard. To fit who you are in a box.. thats impossible! a few favorite tunes..... .....I'm a woman I'm a dreamer I'm a person who will do. I care about everything and think too much. I don't think the above sentence is a bad thing. I love hard, and I am stronger than most think. I'm fragile I constantly have ideas in my mind. I have inventions I want to make. I have songs Ive never put music to. I have memories of the days I was a child and more brave. I am working on getting more childish. ;) I have stage fright. I want it gone. I love meeting everyone, anytime, anywhere. I don't like limits and don't believe in boundaries. I have friends from just about every way of life. lolz They'd ask me what I meant by that. I have a million wonderful memories. I have many terrible ones. We all go through this life together. I believe the reason we are alive is to help each other. Period. I am a survivor. I survived much as a kid and now I have survived abuse and have gotten away. I am happy to be Freeeeee and back to me again. I love God. I mean it. I really really mean it. My favorite color is Silver. My favorite animal is the Cat and the elephant. The animal that inspired me as a kid: the crow My fave flower is the Dandelion. I grew up in Illinois, I have a love for Chicago. All my family is from Chicago. I was wearing high heels and giving therapy at age 8. No kidding. I LOVE nature, the wild, the real. I love to be spontaneous and like to sleep out in the middle of nowhere. I will drive for days in a row to nowhere if I can. I love the antique and future technology fascinates me too. I am a complete Gemini. Total. I was born on the Taurus cusp.. that could be why Im sain. I was told my spirit animal is the bat. I think it is the Hummingbird. I wish it was the CAT! I'm a writer, a thinker, always the leader ;) I always have something to say about whatever it is. I love corny jokes. The worse the joke the better. I love to laugh!! I care about people I know and everyone I don't Im a christian that hates religion. FAITH is all I want or need to find truth. As a kid I was an adult. Now as an adult I need to be a kid! Im working on me.. Im getting there.. lolz I look up to so many.. and I hope I can feel worthy to teach someday. I love each moment of the wind, or touch of a hand or sound of a bird, or silence. I love life. Xev is my real nickname. Amoung 10 others. Erica is my real name. ;) ;) ;) No one fits in a box. *giggles* looking for trouble? Find a redhead hehe

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