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ayy bay bayy. supp?

thaa name's anika.

iim addiicted to gossiip ; musiic ; partyiinqq etc.

my passiion iis playiinq basketball.
thiis sport iis what ii liive for &+ wiiffout iit iidkk where ii would behh.
my obsessiions are deviin harriis &+ kanye westtt.
they're soo effiin' sexyy c[x
ii have thaa bestest friiendss iin thaa worlddd.
ii have a nose riinqq, yepp thats how hardcore ii amm loll ;D
&+ iim thaa type of giirl that wiill burst outt laghiinqq iin dead siilence because of somethiinq that happened thaa day before c[=
anywayss, qet to know mehhh, iim really niice &+ ii'll probably talkk to you [[=

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thaa perfect couple x33


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