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I am a twenty something Gemini from NJ/NY area, I am opinionated, intelligent, witty, sarcastic and all the other things you would expect an Italian and Irish chick from Jersey to be. I make house music with my DJ/Producer boyfriend ( or we are also starting an electronic music record lable over the next month and hope to relocate to Europe in the next few years. I hold no punches but I would never intentionally hurt someone thats just not how I roll, I am a people person and I love people watching. I have 2 chiwawa's Pedro Sanchez and Camina Del Negro they are adorable and also a pain in the ass sometimes.I go out and dance often, I love drinking champagne, I like clothes although I am more classic and simple (think Catherine Zeta Jones/ Angelina Jolie) then trendy. I work out 5 days a week, eat pretty much whatever I want and just try to figure out where I am heading in life. Feel free to drop me a line and chat if you want I look forward to meeting some new people. Ciao Melissa.

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