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I've always loved fashion, but fashion hasn't always loved me. First there was the sticky matter of being blind to what styles actually work for me. Lots of painful "what not to wear" moments and really cringe-worthy photos in my pre-digital album! Then there's the unchangeable fact that being only 5'0" it is a struggle to find clothing that fits just right, flatters, and is also age-appropriate. I am all done shopping in the children's section! Nowadays I have the best luck at Ann Taylor, Jcrew, Banana Republic, but these get a little old after awhile. Department stores are great... but let's face it: most department store petite departments are a great big SNORE. How many pairs of black pants can one lady own?? Petite 40-somethings are a hugely underlooked market!!! I am a mom to two beautiful teenage girls who are around the same height as I am. We all three wear about the same size. It's so fun to have daughters who also enjoy fashion. Sometimes we'll swap clothing, but as I mentioned, I have no desire to look like a teenager. I also don't want to look like I've given up though. :-( I am a full-time telecommuter, so I don't have a daily excuse to dress up anymore for work. I adore high heels, skirts, suits and other professional garb, but at this time I have no real excuse to invest as much as I used to in such clothing. The biggest challenge for me has been learning to wear and love jeans and more casual styles, while still looking pulled together. (Hint: I used to be the one everyone would say was "overly dressed up"). I do like to keep an eye on trends, but I try to choose carefully only those trends that work for me. You know the old adage, "If you wore it the first time around, skip it the second time around"? I struggle with that adage sometimes! While I'm happy shoulder pads haven't come back in style, I am glad that hourglass figures have. I even have a secret hankering for skinny jeans. ;-) My motto is: "Fashion should be fun!"

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