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My name is Julia. I live in Richmond. I study Fashion Merchandising. Soon I will have my own one bedroom apartment to call home. My obsession with food and cooking grows more intense every day. In my next life, I will be a master chef. Even though I have a short boyish hairstyle, I ache for long, golden waves. I prefer to travel by train, but wouldn’t hesitate to fly if I was going to Hydra, Greece again. Not to mention anywhere else in Europe or Asia. I cannot decide if I’d rather sit and chat with Jackson Pollock or J.D. Salinger. All I need to have a good time is an Xbox 360 controller, the love of my life next to me, and the option to watch Bravo. A martini wouldn’t hurt either. If I were 3 inches taller, I’d be the next Jessica Stam. Student by day, student by night. With graduation around the corner, it will be nice to finally, maybe, learn who I am, and where I want to be.

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