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JAKE. Concerts. Sewing (when i have time). Sephora. Purse Buying. Hanging Out with Sis. Photography (digital and SLR). Caramel Macchiatos and Frappuccinos. Peer Pressure Shopping with Friends. Fashion. New Shipments = X-mas. Picking out clothes for other people. Cuddling. Sweet Leaf Tea. Eating Chinese Food Once a Week. Sleepovers at Jen's. Bbq's at Jake's. Tivo Recordings. Cooking New Things. Wedding Stuff. Magazine Reading. Amaretto Sours and Yager Bombs. Guitar Hero!. Hanging out with BFF's. Fighting my alarm. Super Mario World on PSP. Overstocking on Bath and Body Works. Peacoats. Asics. Crab Rangoons. Chicken Alfredo. Las Vegas - every year. Inside Jokes. James Avery and Tiffany's. Sushi. Muenster and Havarti Cheese. Fondue. Scarves. My hair when it's straightened. Roseanne Marathons. Watching "My so called life" at 4 am. Planning my wedding with Jenny. Wristlets. Taking a crap load of pictures. Three hour lunch dates with Amanda and Gracie. Going in debt for the semi-annual sale at Victoria's Secret. Overstocking on flip-flops, and then wearing the same ones. Having a boyfriend who keeps me sane.

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