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Hi, my name is Jamie Bakke, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Oct. 08'. The left side of my left armpit and breast had been sore for about 5 months. Checking but not finding anything, kept going through life. Then I felt the lump, everyone said, if it's sore it's not cancer, cancer doesn't hurt, must be one of those tumors, fybroid or something. Well, after the mammogram which showed nothing, then the ultra sound, they found the lump. I went to the Breast Cancer Center in Ocala, Fl. What a fabulous Doctor, Jamie Danielle, just loved her. She performed a lumpectomy first, that was a piece of cake, it was the waiting that just drives you crazy. However, a few days later I was told it was breast cancer, stage 1. Ok what does that mean? Yeah, the left breast has to go! Well, then what, I wondered? After serious consideration I decided if one was going so was the other one. On Dec. 6 I had a double mastectomy including the beginning stages of reconstructive surgery, performed by Dr. Ahumada at the Centre for Plastic Surgery, in Ocala. Then off to eight months of chemo therapy, what a pain, the only thing good in that is I lost all my hair! How much easier can a shower go when you don't have to worry about doing your hair! That was great! In Aug. 08" the oncologist decided we should probably do a complete hysterectomy, you know the ovaries and everything. So off I went for that, cake walk, never felt bad at all, had to remind myself that I just had major surgery, my surgeon, Dr. Raum in Ocala, couldn't believe how well I went through that. Don't want to bore anyone in this description so I'm going to stop and and look forward to sharing your information and the issues you are going through, more about me later. I'm doing great and want to help you either in the preperation of surgery, decisions, just being someone you can talk to, what ever you need is what I will be for you.

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