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MeeeeeeeMeeeeeeeI'm a 28 year old mother of two and love it!!! I have a little princess (11yrs)and a prince (6yrs).They keep me going every day. I'm in a relationship, been with my man since we were 15 years old and still going(yeah I know, a very long time) lol!We're not married, but happy! My most favorite thing's in the world to do are spending time with my family, shopping, reading, sleeping,eating junk food, and just chillen. I love shopping for clothes (I loooove bebe), shoes, purses, perfume, and more shoes :). My favorite color in the world is "pink"! I'm pretty much addicted to this site and love all my peeps I've met on here. Everyone is so damn cool on teamsugar. Mwaaaas to all of ya'll. I love adding new friends so feel free to add me or just stop by to say hey. xoxoxo!

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