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Jennifer Alluisi

I was raised in the small, sleepy town of Bedford, VA. Growing up in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains and desperately wishing I didn't have to drive half an hour to go to the movies or bowling or shopping or anything at all, I fled to the bustling metropolis that is Williamsburg, VA to complete my university-level studies. I left the College of William and Mary in the year 2000 with a BA in English, a minor in secondary education, an MA Ed. in gifted education and an incomparable hatred of tourists, particularly in the swampy heat of August.

For no reason in particular, I settled in Charlottesville, VA, where I quit my cushy middle school teaching job after two years, took the mortgage brokerage industry by storm for just over a year before losing my mind to boredom, and finally landed the perfect job managing non-profit membership associations. In the midst of all of that career-switching chicanery, I met the man who was to become my infinitely creative and media-obsessed husband. I continue to live happily in C’ville with Husband and Dog, even though almost all of our friends have moved away and we now hang out with each other almost exclusively because…well, there just aren’t many other options.

I have a tendency to be slightly OCD, but I’m also extraordinarily lazy, so I just make neat piles of things and often wander around the house mumbling under my breath and shutting drawers that have been left ajar, pushing the dining chairs back under the table, etc. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching movies and TV (all to the exclusion of mundane evils such as house-cleaning), playing with the dog, playing board games (and Guitar Hero and those cheesy little computer puzzle games), drinking wine, eating chocolate, constantly clickety-clacking on my computer and generally cursing the unnecessary displays of stupidity I witness from my fellow human beings on a daily basis (often doing several of these activities at once). Despite my aggravation with the general population, though, I have a humongously giant heart when it comes to….well, just about anything….and I’ve been frequently known to cry at TV shows, movies, books, commercials, news stories, friends’ problems and pain and happiness, and even sympathy tears for strangers in distress in public places, to the point where my husband just smiles, rubs my back and hands me a tissue, and affectionately calls me a Weeple.

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