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I'm 24, I'm a grad student at MSU hoping to graduate in December '07. I love college but I hate class...I love my wonderful, wonderful friends who I would do anything for. I hope to travel the world someday. My favorite parts of life are when I leave my inhibitions behind...I think being scandalous sometimes is awesome. I'm a Grey's Anatomy addict. I stay up late for no reason at all quite frequently. I love shiny things and I am easily distracted. I hate copying, collating, and stapling (which is basically all I do at my current job). I take so many pictures that my friends have stopped using their own cameras and just snatch mine when I post them on facebook. I love fashion, and I'd love to work in the industry someday. My room looks like a clothing explosion. I hate tomatoes (the devil fruit). I'm good at parallel parking. I could eat Italian food for every meal. I have over 60 pairs of shoes. I used to spend 40+ hours per week working for MSU theatre - all unpaid, of course, but I loved every minute of it. Late night road trips fill me with joy and joyness, as do a lot of random things that some people may consider dumb (like youtube videos...). I'm always entertained by my life...I am continually surprised by it but I never underestimate anyone. I have big dreams...keep up if you can ;)

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