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the paper smile

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I miss my mom and I wish I could have a better relationship with my dad. I hope Poprocks is my future husband. Hi I'm Melissa and I like music, art, writing, school, the beach, nail polish, vintage stuff, being different, going to the gym, and America's Next Top Model. I'm really not as girly as I sound, but I have my moments. I think it's an on and off thing. It basically depends on my mood. I like a lot of things in life and my friends and family see me as moody, sensitive, laid-back, easygoing, hard-working, persistent, unpredictable, creative, musical, romantic, and generous. Most of the time, I have writer's/music block, and I can be passive/aggressive, depending on the weather. The weather--along with music, my surroundings, my thoughts--changes my mood and how I respond to life, and oftentimes, I take in the characteristics of my own atmosphere and the moods of others around me. It's really weird and frustrating at times, but I'm trying to get better at that and not let others get me down or ruin my day. Four out of ten hours of the day, I am on the computer and you can usually find me on myspace, facebook, livejournal, AIM, astrology forums, and gmail. I have a few hidden talents, hobbies, and interests, and I will open up to you if I get the same in return. I am currently typing this at Bible Study and in the background, I can hear my parents and their friends talking about things I don't exactly agree on, because I don't think my parents know God the way I do and the way I've experienced Him. I'm trying to live for God right now and I want to put Him as the center of my heart, no strings attached. Oh, and I'm a junior in high school and at the present, I want to major in English or Art in college. I don't know which college I want to go to yet, but I'm excited for my future, whatever might come. I make the effort to tear my paper smile so something real can show through--instead of hiding behind a mask all the time.

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