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Well I am 29...yea me! I live in Houston,TX and graduated from ITT Tech for CNSI in June of '08. I love my friends and family. Working at a IT Helpdesk for a Bank as a Business Analyst and love to write text messages all the time. I found this site while researching on Hilary Duff being brunette. Go figure right. At the time it was actually called TEAMSUGAR. Funny that PoPSugar was considered the baby of the bunch too. Well I saw it and was like "hey this seems interesting. Been here a year and some change and still love it. I love to sing and attempt to play the piano and guitar. :) I love to smile and laugh and believe that the more you laugh the younger you stay. With work and family i am shocked that i have even have a social life. I blush way to easily but not like bad where your wondering if i need to get some help. Just a dash here and there. :) Have three great friends. Shanette, Priti, and Tessa. Ummm...well that's all I can think about. Oh i love to debate and you will soon find out. :ROTFL: Okay now i'll end this now. :wave:

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