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This vivacious, vigorous, voluptuous young Venus has such a voracious appetite for life! Maureen, better known as Maui will catch your eye as she strides along the corridor with her stylish belts and her killer stilettos. Believe, me, this fashionista knows what she's talking about when it comes to looking good. I guess having a face and body like hers does help quite a bit! And if you hear a playful laugh or a big guffaw from the floor below, you'll know it's hers. But there's more to Maui than just good looks and her sexy attitude. She's unique in the sense that no one can copy what people call her indescribable attitude. She can make you laugh till tears stream down your face; she can make you cry from her bluntness; she'll stand by your side when you're down and join you in your misery, or even crack a joke or two; she'll lend you a helping hand when you're I need; she's a sensitive person, yet strong when it comes to her own problems, remaining unperturbed by any challenges or unpleasant circumstances that may cross her path. Yes, she's a woman full of complexities on many levels - but I can tell you one thing that I'm absolutely sure about her- she lives her life to the fullest. Once you have been touched by her, there's no going back! And no matter how you know her, whether she's your classmate, your student, your friend or your foe, love her or hate her, she's someone that you'll never forget!;p

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