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I love everything about life, especially just being alive at all since I have a serious illness. I love all animals and working with them, am seriously turned on by humanitarian organizations, (as well as Johnny Depp, lol, but who isn't?!). I love music and bands like Peter Gabriel, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Sarah McLachlan, Heather Nova, Tori Amos and music of any kind. I love the outdoors and being outside, I ADORE vintage clothes, make-up (of course) and hair extensions to my rump! I love to help other people and animals and volunteer everwhere I can. I use yoga as my primary form of exercise as well as dog-walking, and fine both spiritually uplifting. I'm part Irish, part Welsh, part Italian, part Cherokee and the rest is mongrel! I love my dog so much I disgust even myself, but it is a mutual admiration society, lol!

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