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Trendsetter and entrepreneur Corinne Phipps leverages years of professional experience toward her current role as the Owner and Founder of Urban Darling. Utilizing her keen sense of fashion, Corinne Phipps assists women and men alike in identifying and implementing a new, flattering sense of style. Corinne Phipps’ makeovers not only overhaul her clients’ wardrobe, but also instill a newfound confidence into their overall demeanors. Corinne Phipps caters to a wide variety of clients, from stay-at-home moms to business executives. Corinne Phipps single-handedly built Urban Darling from the ground up. Since conceptualizing Urban Darling, Corinne Phipps has utilized her business savvy to develop, market, and staff her company. An effective team leader, Corinne Phipps rounded out her team with several contract wardrobe stylists as consultants. Today, Urban Darling’s popularity has made significant growth in both its business developments and client base. Corinne Phipps takes the lead for every aspect of the business, including marketing. Corinne Phipps’ unparalleled commitment to her business and to her customers has resulted in her recent recognition as one of Silicon Valley’s “Top 40 Under 40” people to watch.

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