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I am a TTS size 7 with narrow heels. I am a "collector" of shoes. I own hundreds (if not almost a 1000) pairs of shoes. I try to wear them all and I could go at least two years wearing a different pair of shoes everyday and never repeating. I have slowed down on purchasing new shoes lately for a couple reasons. I have run out of room not only in my shoe room, but also in my closet. I also have been hit hard with the recession so I don't have as much $$$$ left for shoes anymore. Boo. I also love love coats. I have dozens of vintage coats that I know I'll never wear, but they are just so beautiful i just had to have them. Even if it is just to pull them out, put them on and dance in front of a mirror for a moment. I love wearing dresses. Frilly, sexy, vintage, almost all kinds. I really don't care for long dresses though. I pay for all my shoes with my own money and I don't get any freebies from any of the shoe stores I profile or review. Which I wouldn't mind getting some free shoes here and there. Hehehe ; )

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