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FUNABA is a Manipuri Word and the meaning is to ‘Fight’. Fighting involves a single person/ more persons with or without arms/weapons. In ancient time our ancestor also used the Word PHU - NA - BA but Meitee Mayek script.

FUNABA is an Indigenous Traditional Martial Arts originated from the state of Manipur (India) during the ancient period. Manipur situated at 23°50'N – 25°42'N Latitude and 92°58'E – 94°45'E Longitude. Manipur covers a geographical area of 22,327 with a population of 2.7 Million (2011) bounded by
Burma (Myanmar) to the East, Nagaland to the North, Assam and Mizoram to the South & South West. Manipur has his own written history of 2000 years, Manipur was known as Munnipore by British, Kathe by Myanmar, Cassay by Thailand, Makle by Assam, Moglai by Bangladesh and Japanese called it ‘Takane No Hana’ a flower on lofty heights. History of Myanmar (Burma) and history of Thailand (Siam) cannot be completed without the history of Manipur and British regarded Manipur as one of the Asiatic Forces during its heyday.

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