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usually i'm not like anything you expect. sometimes people just see my worst side more often than my normal self. i can make you laugh. but if i try to be funny, i can't be. i'm just funny when i don't even realize it. and if you plan on being my friend... know that i do NOT tolerate backstabbers. just something i despise. i'm addicted to Red Bull. well, more like i'm addicted to sleep. i cant function quite a few days without it, but sleep=good. :) i always remember everything. it can be useless stuff but i remember it. if i tell you that i forgot, i really forgot. and when i do, that means something is on my mind. so don't give me crap about forgetting something because something else that is more important is troubling me. [if that made ANY sense.] but i normally don't forget anything haha. i like to make people happy. it makes me smile to know that i made someone else smile. i don't mind going through "all that trouble". i get a happy feeling out of it :D sports. i'm not atheletic, i used to be. but i do like to play in my free time. now sports on tv... i can get into it like no other haha. any sport. i tend to stress about anything too much. so being with my friends is my escape from reality. it gets my mind off of things. which is great. if i say nothing is wrong when i look stressed/sad, nothing is wrong. if there was, i would tell you. if i didn't feel like talking about it, i would say that. i try not to be difficult, yet i find myself to be at times. i'm always willing to talk. you have problems? come to me. i'm very understanding. [yet i'm always misunderstood.] i may not have the best advice, but i'll tell you what i know. i'll be your shoulder to cry on. no matter who you are, i'll always be there to listen. i dont like being or feeling alone. who does anyway? so i try to surround myself with people at all times :) i always have to be up & doing something, anything! i hate being bored. but i can be pretty laid back.

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