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To-Do List Websites

Let New Site To—>Done Assign Tasks For You

Ever have those odd little pockets of time between meetings and other tasks during your workday, when you feel like you should be doing something but can’t decide what? I do, and I hate them! In the time I spend sorting though my various to-do lists trying to decide what to tackle, I know I could’ve been doing something far more productive.

To find out about a recent fix I've found for this problem, keep reading!

Enter new website To—>Done. The site allows you to fill in tasks and the amount of time you estimate they’ll take. Then, when you’re faced with a stretch of time you’re not sure what to do with, just log in, tell To—>Done how much time you have, and it’ll assign you an appropriate task.

Sure, it’s nothing you couldn’t do yourself, but there’s something about the automated nature of the site and the friendly but firm prompts ("You should [insert task] now. Stop, leave this web page, and don’t come back until you’re finished") that actually motivate you to get things done.


What do you think? Could you see yourself using this site, or does it seem unnecessary to you?

Source: Flickr User koka_sexton

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GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
Speaking of apps, I have one on my phone that I find super handy - Toodledo! I've been using it religiously to get everything done for my wedding. We have 10 days left and most everything is set. For how scatterbrained I am, I think I'd be panicking by now without it. I love that I can separate my tasks into categories and assign priorities/due dates. Simple, but effective. However, like RoaringSilence was saying, I think this site would be great for me to keep track of things like "read a chapter in [name of book]" or "Make the bracelet you bought beads for but never started." No, not everything needs to be automated or made an app - but it's good to have the options out there for those of us that could really use it. I love making lists because I'm a bit scatterbrained and forgetful, but I'm always losing or accidentally destroying reminders on paper.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
Cool idea! I'll certainly be using it for tasks that don't need to be done by a certain time, like "paint a picture"! When I was little, I had a jar full of folded notes with ideas on things to do. When I was bored, I grabbed a note and did what it said. I like that the website considers the time it takes, as well.
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