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10 Things to Do With 10 Bucks: Spring Clean With These Fresh Tips

We're thrilled to present this smart LearnVest story here on Savvy!

You pulled out your spring purses and found a ten dollar bill inside one of them. Or you’ve budgeted carefully and have some extra cash. However it happens, we always love finding an extra $10 to spare at the end of the month. Hence our new series “10 Things To Do With $10″ — our picks of 10 major steals and fun, interesting ways to spend a Hamilton (yes, he’s our man).

After a brutal winter (and snow as recently as this week in NYC), we’ve made the executive decision that spring is here, whether the weather cooperates or not. So, here are our ten ways to ring in flowers, sunshine, and warmth — and get a head start on Spring.

Check out 10 things to do with $10 after the break!

  1. Pause Everything. Rid your coffee table of remote control clutter. Turn your iPhone into a universal remote (which often costs more than $100) by downloading a free My TV Remote app and then ordering the $10 attachment.
  2. Break Out the Bike. Savor the first taste of spring by renting a bike for an hour from Bike And Roll ($8), which has warm weather rental shops in five major cities, and taking it around the neighborhood or park to see the blossoms.
  3. Spring Showers. Spring means it's time to lighten up--start by switching out your serious shower curtain hooks for these fun sets, all for under $10: Penguin hooks, Target, $6.48; latticed hooks, Target, $9.99; black and silver Hudson hooks, Walmart, $8; brown and pink hooks, Target, $9.99; Mickey Mouse hooks, Target, $9.99. Who knew Mickey Mouse could be so classy?
  4. Streamline. Make closet-cleaning more palatable by making your closet more beautiful. Finally get rid of those awful wire hangers and replace them with sturdy, colorful, and friendly plastic hangers You can replace the whole collection in one fell swoop, since $10 buys exactly 34 of these Container Store Hangers — yes, you heard that right. 34.
  5. Paint the Wall. You don’t need to totally redecorate to give a room new life. Pick a fun spring color and paint a wall facing the front door. While quarts usually cost around $20, we found a quart for under 10 dollars (Cabot satin polyurethane interior paint, Hardware World, $8.77). Your friends will notice the change as soon as they walk in the door.
  6. Spice It Up. How long have you had that thyme in your cabinet? If the answer is, "Since forever," it might be time to restock, since spices can lose their potency after a few years. Luckily enough, you can replace your whole cabinet in one ten-dollar swoop from Walmart: thyme, $.75; bay leaves, $.75; ground mustard, $.75; dill seed, $.75, garlic powder, $1; crushed rosemary, $1; paprika, $.75, ground marjoram, $1; cinnamon stix, $1; Italian seasoning, $1; and poultry seasoning, $1. All together only $9.75.
  7. Catch a Breeze. We found pretty sheer white curtains for less than $10. No, for real, we did: Medallion window sheer, Target, $7.99.
  8. Office Space. Get your desk or home office in order once and for all. One great way to pull it off is with this pretty brocade magazine file ($9.99)—and you can store way more than magazines in it.
  9. Chillax. Scratch all that. Forget about getting things in order and just chill out with a glass of wine. Make it a sparkling white for spring, and thanks to our expert's pick, we found a quality bottle for under $9: Veuve de Vernay Brut NV, France, $8.99. Beat that. (For more sparkling wine picks, consult our guide.)
  10. Invest It. All right, we couldn’t help ourselves. Start a new season off right by putting $10 away into your retirement account. Believe it or not, $10 into a Roth IRA will turn into about $70 by the time you’re ready to use the money (if you’re 25, retire at 65, and make an average of an inflation-adjusted 8% on your investments).
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