Kick Off Your Semester With This 2-Week College Challenge

There's no denying that getting comfortable on campus can be challenging. But to make sure you get the most lasting memories out of your college experience, it'll require stepping slightly out of your comfort zone first. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, there are so many ways you can ease into the college experience to make the school year more enjoyable.

We've put together a 14-day list of simple things you can do to start the semester off on a satisfying note. Take the challenge ahead to make sure this school year is your best yet.

Day 1: Explore the campus alone.

Day 2: "Like" the campus Facebook page.

Day 3: Discover any free perks or discounted activities your college offers.

Day 4: Attend a sporting event.

Day 5: Sit next to someone new in all of your classes.

Day 6: Start a study group.

Day 7: Join a club.

Day 8: Have lunch in a new area on campus.

Day 9: Meet potential workout buddies at the school (or nearby) gym.

Day 10: Pick an off-campus location to grab lunch with a classmate.

Day 11: Attend a student party.

Day 12: Plan a movie night with one of your roommates or classmates.

Day 13: Buy something that shows your school spirit.

Day 14: Plan a coffee meeting with a professor or potential mentor.