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2008 New Year's Resolutions

Write It Down in 2008

Because I've been off the resolution train for awhile, this year I've made New Year's resolutions that I can constantly revise throughout the year. While my goals are obviously priorities, they're also things that haven't left me feeling behind midway through January. I'm hoping this outlook will help me avoid the 30-day crash that inevitably happens with goals made around the first of the year.

There's always a better chance of following through when something is written down rather than stored in your head. Michele (or was it Romy) created Post-its for a reason! And while Post-its serve as great little reminders to do things like calling your sister, resolutions require something with more endurance.

If you missed it last week, you can print out our savvy resolutions worksheet by clicking here. Just because we're past the single-digit days of January doesn't mean it's too late to set new goals.

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chancleta chancleta 9 years
great idea i like lists i keep my expenses on a spread sheet so that when pay day comes i know whats the priorities
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I ♥ my planner :)
Nickey Nickey 9 years
Thanks for the list Savvy! I'm sure it will help me in working towards my goals and I can check off one or two of the items on the list already. Woohoo!
nohesitation nohesitation 9 years
love this! lists are the secret to getting on top of everything, from money to diet to cleaning.
emalove emalove 9 years
I'm a list-maker by nature...I feel it keeps me organized. I write everything down in my little planner that I keep in my purse. Even though I have a great memory and usually remember things on my own, I like knowing I have a list to back me up.
tamararenee tamararenee 9 years
love the list in its simplistic glory. i am really going to work hard this year to being more fiscally savvy. thanks for another tool to help me make it happen!
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