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We're thrilled to present this smart LearnVest story here on Savvy!

Someone once said that girls don’t sweat—they glisten. Well, that person was wrong . . . But staying cool is hard, especially in the summer heat.

So, what’s a girl to do?

One option, obviously, is to ratchet up the air conditioning. But turning the dial to a cooler temperature comes with a price, and overcooling your home will counteract all the green, eco-friendly choices you’ve been making this year (so much for choosing green cleaning productsbuying organic food and drinking organic wine).

Stay cool from morning to night with these fun, inventive and simple ideas. From icy accessories to tasty margarita pops, we’ll have you upgrading that sweat to a glisten in no time.

Homemade Margarita Pops

Frozen margaritas are so last summer. This year, we're digging margarita pops—a perfect (adult) afternoon snack. Try this easy recipe from the Food Network, or feel free to experiment with different alcohol and juice combos. Just don't go overboard on the booze, or the pops won't freeze properly.

For more cheap summer cocktails, read this.

Try A New 'Do

All too often, summer humidity means frizz. Get your hair under control—and off your neck—by braiding your hair in the morning. (Think Blake Lively or Diane Kruger for inspiration.)

One easy idea: Dutch braid the hair across your forehead and secure the rest into a low side bun with an elastic and bobby pins. To learn how to Dutch braid, watch this.

Read on for more ways to stay cool on the cheap.

Cool-Down Foods

Cool as a cucumber isn't just an expression: Ayurvedic philosophy says that cucumbers, as well as watermelons, grapes, asparagus and mint, help to cool down the body. These foods balance your body's "Pitta," or heat, while spicy or greasy foods will increase your Pitta.

Try our cucumber and brown rice salad for lunch, or pop some seedless grapes in the freezer for an extra-refreshing snack.

Turn Your Backyard Into A Waterpark

Staying cool as a child was easy, as long as there were sprinklers to run through. Have friends over for some old-school fun with sprinklers, or set up a Slip 'N Slide. They're available for only $12, and all you need is a hose and a lawn. These childhood faves will be even more fun after a few margarita pops.

Cooling Spray

Before leaving the house, mist yourself with a sunblock that cools skin on contact. It kills two birds with one stone: You'll be instantly refreshed and protected from harmful sunburn. We like Neutrogena's Fresh Cooling Sunblock Mist in SPF 45 ($10), which protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

Freeze Your Accessories

Cooling down pulse points like your neck or the inside of your wrists will immediately help lower your body's temperature.

To capitalize on that, try keeping some colorful jelly bracelets in the freezer and slipping them on when you need an afternoon pick-me-up. Or, if you're into crafts, learn how to make this easy scarf with hidden cooling crystals.

Raise The Roof

Don't fight the crowd in a hot, tightly packed bar—head to a rooftop bar instead. You'll escape the heat rising off the concrete and you'll get a cool nighttime breeze. Think twice before ordering that second glass of sangria, though—it's easy to become accidentally dehydrated during the summer, which could lead to a not-so-pleasant hangover the next morning.

More Heat Will Cool You Down

Take a tip from tropical climates: Sip hot teas and soups to help you feel cooler and more refreshed. People in countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have been using this trick for centuries to combat the heat, and the British do this as well.

Taking hot showers works similarly, as the air outside your bathroom will feel cool on your skin compared to your steamy shower. Counterintuitive, maybe, but you'll feel the difference immediately.

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