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There's not much good news these days, so whenever there's something with a positive spin on current events it seems like a silver lining. The latest gem of optimism is that because of the global financial crisis, Europe has become more affordable for American travelers than it was over the last several years. The dollar still hasn't caught up with the euro but Americans do have more buying power now and can choose from a slew of travel deals to Europe.

Look for discounted travel packages and hotel deals that come and go quickly. James Chappell from STR Global predicts, “2009 is not going to be pretty. When things happen in the marketplace, there obviously is a lag time as people respond to what is going on.” Vacations probably aren't on the top of priority lists right now, but if you had written off traveling to Europe because of the high price tag, there could be possibilities out there that fit your travel budget.


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brownbaby brownbaby 8 years
why not visit Paris for under $599, all inclusive.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
this is such great news actually. i was figuring that all the europeans were loving it cause they could come here and spend their money and get soo much more for it but to find out that we can get great deals too - i'm thrilled about this!
verily verily 8 years
The conversion rates are back to where they were in the Fall of 2006 when I traveled to Europe. I managed on about $1600 total including airfare, but I also stayed in hostels, walked a fair bit (next time I will take better shoes), and usually made lunches from cheap buys at the grocery store (a loaf of bread, some awesome runny cheese, and a little ham from a market in Paris was divine and cheap!). I'm thinking about another excursion to France or maybe even Spain next year if the dollar holds out.
gemsera gemsera 8 years
We are heading to paris from the UK in a few weeks, and are lucky it is still worth a fair bit in comparison. we are also going to go to USA next year (florida) as its SO much cheaper. Flights are like only £150 return! I am making the most of it whilst I can, coming from AU where everything is SO expensive and SO far away!
indielove indielove 8 years
Yeah but alot of Europeans were coming to America to shop because their currencies has more value in America. The dollar has not caught up to the EUR but it's definitely off the mark against the GBP.
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