If you collect coupons obsessively and know coupon policies better than the cashiers, you qualify as a Pro Couponer. If you're looking to up your coupon game, All You has tips that can help you save up to 60 percent off your grocery bill. Keep scrolling to start saving even more!

Yes, you are the Sherlock Holmes of savings. On top of the techniques of your committed and laid-back brethren, you know the store's coupon policy better than the cashiers do. Use multiple coupons and loyalty cards to stock up during sales and save up to 60 percent off the average monthly grocery bill for a family of four.

Step Up Your Couponing Game

Scoop up unwanted coupons
On Sundays, swing by a coffee shop that sells newspapers and check the recycling basket for discarded inserts.


Buddy up to a librarian

Ask if you can clip a few coupons from the inserts in the library's newspapers.

Email companies' customer relations departments

Make it clear that you like a certain product and ask for a coupon to buy it. In an informal test, Coupon Mom blogger Stephanie Nelson found that about two thirds of companies will oblige, sometimes even with a freebie.

Find Coupons Faster

The websites for Kroger, Publix, Safeway, and other grocery stores list what's on sale alongside available manufacturer's coupons for those items. Just register, log on, quickly review the list, and load paperless digital coupons directly onto your rewards account. When you use your card at checkout, the coupon is applied automatically.

Score More Deals With Tech Tools

Free rebate apps, like Checkout 51 and Ibotta (both Android and Apple) send offers on items to your smartphone. With Ibotta, you perform tasks (take a poll, watch a video) to gain the rebate and send a photo of the receipt (from any of 80 retailers). Checkout 51 lets you buy from any store, after which you snap a shot of the receipt and upload it. Once you hit a certain amount ($5 for Ibotta; $20 for Checkout 51), you get a rebate.

Sign up for Cartwheel by Target for savings of 5 percent to 50 percent off of items at Target. Choose from hundreds of offers and add them to your Cartwheel list. Print or send the bar code to your phone. It's scanned at checkout, and the discount is applied. Because you can combine it with coupons from the manufacturer and store, it's like triple-stacking.

Get Yourself Organized

If you never want to be caught without coupons for unadvertised sales or items on clearance, don't enter the store without your entire savings cache. Go for a three-ring binder and add the kind of inserts used by baseball-card collectors. Divide the sheets into categories that make sense for you ("dairy," "produce," "toiletries" — with subcategories for "hair," "teeth," "soap," for example). You can even sort them by supermarket aisle. Slip every paper coupon you are likely to use into the appropriate slot. As you cruise the aisles, prop up the binder on your cart and simply flip the pages to see what you have. Attach small sticky notes to those coupons about to expire so you can use them quickly or pull them if they're no longer valid.

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