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Advice For New Graduates

I'm Asking: What Would You Tell Your New Grad Self?

The latest crop of graduates is now seeking their dream jobs and dealing with scary real-life issues that you and I faced back when we were fresh faced college graduates. Given the soaring rates of school loans and the disappointing number of jobs that are available, it seems that this year's college students might have it tougher than we did during the boom years.

If you could give your college self a heads up — what kind of advice would you give yourself? What did you wish you had known before heading off into the real world?

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suzieleung suzieleung 6 years
1. Use recruiters. It's basically getting people to help you with your job search, for free. (Obviously, you should be searching on your own, too.) 2. Even though it's tempting, really fight the urge to go to grad school just b/c you're having a hard time finding a job. It's just not the right reason to go, and I've heard too many people regret it. It's much more valuable to expand your search to internships (paid or unpaid) and get some work experience. 3. Work temp jobs while you're job searching. That's what I did (through - it pays for rent, and you can add something to your resume. 4. Go for jobs that are really interesting to you, and preferably will get you doing something you're passionate about, not just that will pay your bills (though that is very important). Chances are, if you're passionate at it, you'll be good at it, and you'll rise up quickly in the company.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Same here bellakaoru. I took way too many "fun" classes in college trying to find something I liked. Now I have a "general studies" degree. Whoo hoo....still need some sort of direction!
Baconlover Baconlover 6 years
Take on a job or an internship that will teach you something useful. The key is to acquire skills that will be applicable, even if the pay is bad.
likethedirection likethedirection 6 years
Start paying off student loans IMMEDIATELY after starting a new job! I decided to reward myself with shopping trips, got used to it and kept doing it, instead of paying of my student loans.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 6 years
Don't scorn the "small jobs" like waitressing or retail! It's a great chance to learn some important work lessons and avoid embarrassing yourself at your eventual "real" job!
lov3tina lov3tina 6 years
The job market is bad right now and that's not something that you could control, so just keep your head up and send lots of applications. Of course you want to stay in the field that you like, but you can't be picky on salary and benefits- if you don't take the job, someone else definitely will. During the whole application and interview process, have some fun on the side as well. Once you start working you'll realize how precious free time is. I wish I went on more vacations when I had the time...
Diana-Nguyen Diana-Nguyen 6 years
Just because you got thru undergrad in 3 years, got a full ride to grad school, and think you've had a lot of work experience, ready yourself for disappointment. Keep trying and keep your head up, but don't think it'll come easy. Stay proactive and it'll come.
amytnguyen amytnguyen 6 years
Don't think getting a graduate or in my case, law degree, will mean you're going to be guaranteed a better (or better paid) job right out of school. Don't commit yourself to anything you don't see yourself passionately doing. If you have a good job right now, keep it (the economy is tough, don't risk giving up a job). Life is an uphill battle and the successful ones are those who are persistent and determined to keep going despite all the roadblocks that get in your way.
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
Be patient, work hard and aim to find a day job you are passionate about and good at. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.
bellakaoru bellakaoru 6 years
This might be more high-school grad than college grad, but I wish someone had told me to pick a career and chase it, instead of 'there's plenty of time to decide'. Now I'm 32 and haven't figured it out yet...
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