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43 Affordable Presents For Dad

Jun 10 2016 - 4:50pm

If you're struggling over what you should give Dad this Father's Day [1], keep in mind that showing your appreciation for the favorite guy in your life doesn't have to be pricey. You can prove to your dad that the lessons he taught you about money are still holding strong! Here are 43 heartwarming gifts [2] that will display plenty of thoughtfulness without breaking the bank [3].

Alma Mater Mug

Get your dad a mug from his alma mater, which will bring back good ol' college memories as well as serve a practical use. Mugs usually range from $5 to $15. This cute University of Michigan mug [4] costs $11.

Blair's Heat Mini Four-Pack

If your dad spices up his food before giving it a first taste, this gift will certainly please his senses. Blair's Heat Mini Four-Pack [5] ($15) will provide a good variety in small doses. This product has also been featured on the Food Network.

Magazine Subscriptions

Treat your dad to a magazine yearly subscription he'll enjoy. Some suggestions include Consumer Reports [6] ($30 per year), National Geographic [7] ($19), and Popular Science [8] ($12).

Whiskey Stones

For the dad who enjoys some liquor at home to kick back and relax, these whiskey stones [9] ($20-$58) will be a fun and suitable gift for him.

Sandwich Grill

There's nothing like a sandwich to satisfy those snack cravings. Get your dad the Cuisinart Sandwich Grill [10] ($20) so he can start grilling his favorite sandwiches.

Recycled Wine-Bottle Platters

For the dad who's a wine connoisseur, get him these cool Recycled Wine Bottle Platters [11] ($17), perfect for holding a mix of different cheeses when he's throwing wine tastings at home with friends.

A Pack of Bacon

Go to the nearest supermarket and buy a pack of bacon. Check out Whole Foods or Trader Joe's if you want to splurge on high-quality bacon. Tie the bacon pack up with a ribbon, and you'll have a thrifty yet edible gift that your dad will surely enjoy!

Art of Shaving Starter Kit

This Van Der Hagen Men's Luxury Shave Set [12] ($22) is for the dad who truly enjoys the ritual of shaving. Men love this brand because the products don't have a chemical smell. Instead, users get to enjoy a masculine scent.

Touch-Up Hair Groomer

Keep Dad looking groomed with this handy-dandy hair groomer [13] ($18, originally $20). This product is great for touching up hair on ears, noses, necklines, and eyebrows.

Beer Brewing Kit

If your dad loves beer and likes DIY [14] projects, get him this Mr. Beer brewing kit [15] ($45, originally $55).

Microterry Slippers

Dad loves to be comfortable, and these Men's Irish Clog Slippers [16] ($26-$45) will make him feel right at home.

Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army knife [17] ($22) has more than 10 tools that'll keep Dad well equipped in any situation.

Car Care Kit

This great car care kit [18] ($49) is a handy product that'll keep your dad's ride looking super spiffy.

Golf Balls Soap

If your dad is a golf fanatic, he might appreciate these two pieces of golf ball soap [19] ($6), which have a manly scent.

Tie Phone Case

Upcycle a tie into this cool phone case [20].

DIY Rum-Spice Aftershave

This homemade rum-spice aftershave [21] costs almost nothing to make and uses a lot of things hiding in your pantry.

Book Safe

Create a book safe [22] for his valuables or even a place to hide his remote.

Skinny Ties

This easy DIY transforms vintage ties [23] into fashionable and modern-looking skinny ties.

Zen Garden

Now he can calm down at his desk with this mini zen garden [24].

Charging Station

Make this neat charging station [25] that will keep his cords tidy and organized in an upcycled plastic bottle.

DIY Coffee-Grounds Soap

Find out how to make these homemade coffee-grounds soap bars [26].

DIY Shaving Cream

He'll have a smooth shave with this homemade shaving cream [27].

DIY Aftershave Lotion

Make Dad a personalized aftershave lotion [28] he'll love.

DIY Cologne

Mix Dad his own personal scent [29]. This homemade cologne will be a unique gift, and because it's natural, it'll be easy on the skin!

All-in-One Beauty Balm

Men don't like to have an array of beauty products, so create this all-in-one man balm [30] for him. He can use it on his dry, cracked hands; as a pomade for his hair; and more!

Dad Jokes Book

Let Dad boost his repertoire of corny jokes with The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes [31] ($9, originally $14).

Instagram Canvas Print

Instead of buying an expensive Instagram canvas print, learn how to make your own [32] for a more personal and affordable gift.

Camera-Lens Mug

If he loves photography, then he'll get a kick out of this camera-lens mug [33] ($20).

Bacon Spread

Know a dad who loves bacon? This bacon spread [34] ($10) might just be the best gift ever. The spread hails from Skillet, a renowned modern diner in Seattle.


Dad would love the gift of Chromecast [35] ($35), an adapter that lets you watch your favorite online entertainment on your TV.

Mustache Mug

He'll celebrate Movember all year round with this mustache mug [36] ($13).

Whiskey Ice Mold

Get this set of two whiskey ice molds [37] ($20) for the liquor-lover. It creates a two-and-a-half-inch ice ball.

Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Turn your propane grill into a smoker with the Weber Stainless Steel Smoker Box [38] ($22, originally $25).

Memoirs of a Golfer

This golf scrapbook [39] ($10) lets the avid golfer keep track of his score and details of the game.

Yiddish Proverb Money Clip

Get a chuckle or two with this clever money clip [40] ($18). It says, "With money in your pocket, you are wise and you are handsome and you sing well too."

Pirate Corkscrew

Arrr! This pirate corkscrew [41] ($15) is perfect for a matey who is obsessed with wine.


These neighborhood map coasters [42] ($36) pay tribute to your dad's favorite place: home.

Golfers BBQ Set

Who would've thought golfing and BBQ would go hand in hand? Combine two loves with this Golfers BBQ Set [43] ($28) for the dad who loves grilling and putting on the greens.

Stainless Steel Soap and Box

Remove stinky kitchen odors like garlic and onion with this stainless steel soap and box [44] ($7).

Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle

This customized jigsaw puzzle [45] ($45) is a snapshot of the aerial view of a neighborhood of your choosing.

Portable Hammock and Cot

He'll love lazing outside on this portable hammock and cot [46] ($26).

Office Plant

Want to get him an office plant? Make your own and personalize it by following these instructions [47] on how to make a terrarium. It will only cost you $5!

Fashionable Ties

Check out The Tie Bar [48] for affordable and fashionable ties and accessories for men.

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