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Airlines Expanding In-Flight Retail

On Board and Ready To Buy

In a new move to up their retail, airlines may soon be offering more in-flight opportunities to purchase anything from limousine services to Broadway theater tickets. Though The New York Times reports that only American Airlines has begun limited testing of the retail concept, nearly all airline carriers have confirmed that they are planning to unveil similar expanded retail offerings on flights.

So why expand retail, especially in the midst of a recession? Well, according to SkyMall president Christine Aguilera, airline passengers are "some of the greatest consumers on the planet," simply because they've got nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. This aspect makes "onboard" retail unique because, frankly, "operators are able to lock their doors with their shoppers still inside."

To learn more about airline retail, keep reading.

In response to skeptics who argue travelers may not give over to spending so easily, Michael Levy, a marketing professor and the director of the Retail Supply Chain Institute at Babson College, just points to the retail habits of consumers in airports. "Look at what's going on in airports. Anytime you have customers who are captive, who have nothing better to do, they'll shop."

Still, there are complications associated with the plan. For one, flight attendants worry that if pushing products becomes a part of their job description, sales commission may be used to subsidize or replace salaries. Even more worrisome is the safety concern — if flight attendants are attending to sales, will safety issues on board take a back seat? Besides, even the prospect of added retail isn't bound to solve the airlines' greater financial issues.

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Smacks83 Smacks83 7 years
Dear Sugar Network Staffers: Still think anon comments are the right way to go? anywho, I love to look through the SkyMall mags when I'm on the plane, simple because some of the things they sell are so silly that it can really make my day to think that someone out there is buying that nonsense.
imLissy imLissy 7 years
woah. this spam doesn't even make sense I wouldn't mind being sold stuff on a plane. I'm always bored even when I bring things to do. I don't understand how the airlines are doing so poorly though. It seems like they keep taking more and more money and those seats get smaller and smaller. Where does the money go?
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