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Pilot Takes a Stance Against Naked Body Scan and Pat Down

Looks like even pilots are uncomfortable with naked body scanners. Last week, a pilot for ExpressJet Airlines, Michael Roberts, refused a full-body scan and a pat down at the Memphis International Airport, calling it an "assault" on his person, CNN reports. Apparently he had never been subjected to a request to go through the body scanners at an airport before and described pat downs as "misleading," saying that "they concentrate on the area between . . . the upper thighs and torso, and they're not just patting people's arms and legs, they're grabbing and groping and prodding pretty aggressively."

His move is bold, but is not in line with the Transportation Security Administration's regulations. If you opt out of the body scan, you must go through a pat down or you won't be allowed to fly, the TSA said. Michael stood up for what he believed in, but his refusal may have cost him his job. Was it a good move on his part?

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inlove23 inlove23 6 years
I think both would make me feel violated (I haven't flown yet).
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
I hate those machines so much, and always opt for the pat-down.
Rosay77 Rosay77 6 years
Those machines should be banned immediately. They are intrusive and violating. They just fuel perversion amongst the ones who "pat you down".
Baconlover Baconlover 6 years
oh wow, that would just be awful. I think I would probably refuse as well.
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