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Beautiful Women Seen As Less Capable of Masculine Jobs

Beautiful Women Seen as Less Capable of Masculine Jobs

Maybe you can be too sexy for your job? I really thought Debrahlee Lorenzana was full of lipstick when she said Citibank fired her for being too sexy, but science is backing her up.

While attractive people may enjoy a beauty privilege throughout life, women may suffer from their own looks in traditionally masculine industries like finance, construction, and engineering.

Attractive men, however, do not bear the beautiful burden. While pretty women (as judged by study participants) were judged less favorably for jobs where participants said looks shouldn't matter, attractive and unattractive men were judged the same.


Is it a small price to pay or an ugly truth?

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chloe-bella chloe-bella 6 years
SGK - I ended up getting a job at a mid-sized boutique firm. Actually, it's funny how things end up working out because most of my classmates who got the high-paying big firm jobs all got laid off within the first year and a half due to the recession. Getting 14 different rejection letters in a row was really tough to deal with, though. And just as an FYI, I wore knee length black skirt suits and button up shirts (with only the top button unbuttoned) and a pearl necklace to all my interviews. So it's not just women who dress inappropriately who are subject to the double-standard.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
I work in EMS, a male-dominated profession. I totally agree with this. When a man works with one of our gorgeous female paramedics for the first time, and I ask, "How was working with ________ today," I often get an answer of surprise. People can't believe that a pretty woman who spends time on her appearance in the morning can also make intelligent medical decisions and lift heavy patients. It happens!
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 6 years
There is a double standard for attractive men and women in business and law. I totally agree with the study. I find myself and notice other women as well dressing "down" for work to be taken seriously.
lizkiernan lizkiernan 6 years
I work at a restaurant, and there's only 2 women who work on the line. When one of them was going to be promoted to Sous Chef, the store manager was hesitant. He made excuses like 'oh a woman can't lift the heavy woks as easily,' etc. Finally one of the other managers pointed out that he was making up excuses because we've never had a 'pretty girl' working on the line. He kinda flushed and didn't debate it anymore. The restaurant runs really smoothly when our first female Sous Chef is working :)
skigurl skigurl 6 years
Debrahlee Lorenzana got fired for being "too sexy" because she dressed trampy. Sure, I can look sexy when I go out at night, but at work, I am professional. Take today for example. I have on a blck suit, fun jewellery and fun heels, but my hair is pulled back, I'm wearing neutral makeup, and I have on a knee-length high necked black dress under my suit jacket. Maybe I'm "attractive" by regular standards but I am not dressed like I'm going to a club. Therfore, people can take me seriously at work and not just see a pretty face. I am young and building my career. It's important not to come off as too revealing or trying to hard to be sexy.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
I had a job interview a few weeks back- just part-time weekend work- and my friend picked me up for a concert as I was pulling in my driveway, so I did my makeup in his car. He said, 'You get more done up for a concert than you do for a job interview?' I said 'Yes, I want them to take me seriously.' So I put on my makeup and he says, 'Damn you look sexy, I would bang you right now,' and I said, 'You just proved my point.' I'd say it's part 'small price to pay' and part 'ugly truth.' By the way, I just read in that little box to the right "From Our Partners," Pee-Wee is going to Sturgis. No shit.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 6 years
I think this is definitely true in traditionally male-dominated professions. And I don't think it's limited to beautiful women; I think women who are young and average looking or better(not necessarily beautiful) are taken less seriously than men and/or less attractive women, at least initially during the hiring process. When I was in my second year of law school, I was in the top 10% of my class, on Law Review, and a research assistant to the dean of my law school. I made it to the second round of interviews at 7 different big firms but didn't get an offer even though my classmates who looked more like the stereotypical attorney (but who essentially had the exact same qualifications on paper as me) were much more successful. Due to my frustration, I went to speak with the dean of students at my school, who had contacts at a lot of the firms I interviewed with. He told me, "When firms hire law students, they want people who look like attorneys. When they look at you, they don't see an attorney. They just see a nice girl." Ouch. I could go on and on with numerous other examples.
millarci millarci 6 years
Unless you are dressing inappropriately, this is complete b*lls**t.
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