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Is It Harder to Make Ends Meet When You're Single?

When you're initially dating someone you may find that your spending habits change — going out more often means you're spending more than usual at restaurants and bars, and you're probably shopping more for date night wares. If all goes well and you eventually decide to make the co-habitation jump, you may find that life becomes a little less expensive. You probably don't go out as often as you did in the beginning of your relationship (especially if you were living with roommates) and most things get split down the middle — rent and bills are much more manageable when they're divided in half.

The Guardian recently published an article called "Who Can Afford to Stay Single Now," that touches upon the financial issues single guys and gals face and why, financially speaking, it can be tougher to come out in the black when you're going it alone. It mentions several examples of singles getting the short end of the financial stick — some hotels charge single supplements, insurance policies can give couples a financial advantage, and buying groceries for one can be difficult in terms of buying just the right amount as to not be wasteful.

Single gals, do you think making ends meet would be easier if you were part of a couple? Those of you sharing a home with your guy or have in the past, have you found that relationship status makes a difference financially? Has anyone ever known someone to move in with her guy because of money reasons?


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