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Benefits of Using a Meal Service

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We partnered with Kohl's to show you that healthy eating is all in the meal prep.

I've never been one to defer to takeout on weeknights. I'd sooner run to the supermarket than spend time reading through online menus. That being said, busy nights don't particularly lend themselves to a full grocery shopping trip. In an effort to find an easier solution that still allows me to enjoy the process of cooking, I explored a meal delivery service — and I'll never look back.

Most services don't provide meals for an entire week, and the one I chose sent ingredients for three nights of dinner. My roommate reaped the benefits because each night was portioned for two. They came with step-by-step instructions and everything from herbs to spices. For the first time in a while, I didn't have to think twice about what I'd eat that night. Not only that, but the well-portioned servings made me realize that I didn't have to overeat in order to feel satisfied.

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