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Best Career and Money Stories Aug. 25 to 30, 2013

Take Bigger and Fewer Grocery Trips to Save Money and Other Tips!

  • Make bigger and fewer shopping trips: Shoppers who make quick trips to the supermarket usually end up spending 54 percent more, according to a study. By taking many small grocery trips, you'll be more tempted to impulse shop. Save by taking fewer and bigger shopping trips. 
  • Are you Facebook official?: You'll want to know if your two-tenant apartment will slyly turn into a trio — especially if you're in a shared room or dorm setting. If you are or your roommate is in a relationship, be honest with what you're comfortable with. Will their significant other frequently be over? Will he/she be eating the food? While having another friend can be awesome, it could also be awkward. It's best to state how you feel as things progress: chances are your roommate won't know it's a bother until you say something!
  • Watch out for baggage fees: These days, traveling comes with its own set of pesky fees, but escape surprising checked baggage charges by refining your search method. Use certain sites like Kayak that give you an option to choose "Add baggage" as a filter for flight fares.
  • The natural fabric softener: You may think Epsom salts are only for soaking sore muscles or, ahem, helping out when your digestion isn't quite right, but there are so many uses for this unique salt. Magnesium sulfate is commonly used in bath salts and beauty products, but this naturally occurring mineral also softens fabrics.
  • Check out reward points that don't expire: If you're having trouble keeping track of your points, join a reward program that doesn't expire, so you don't have to worry about using up your points before a certain date. 
  • Check your web history to make sure it's not hurting your job prospects: Suspect online evidence. You know all those pictures or tweets about that "crazy night"? It is a good idea to remove them from the Internet. Remember, what you upload or say online has a habit of coming back to haunt you, so if you don't want the risk of exposure, just don't put it out there to begin with. Even if you set privacy controls, you may make a mistake, the privacy controls may change without you knowing, or your friend may take a screenshot of your comments and pass it around. Anything can happen, so be very careful!
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